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Structure Communicates

Every year 600,000 songs are released. The week that your song lands in the iTunes store it will have to compete with more than 11,000 other songs. Most of these records sell less than a 100 copies. If you want anyone beyond your family, friends and a very few loyal fans to hear your music, you have to know how to structure your music to communicate and cut through this formidable and ever expanding sea of competition.

In addition to the rising tide of new releases, every fan now has a skip button. Internet radio tracks how many times your song gets skipped. If enough fans skip your music, it will probably be removed from being played at all. You must have a cohesive musical structure to effectively communicate your creative message or you will lose the fans to the skip button.

Professional tastemakers and gatekeepers depend on their reputations to make a living. You will not get anyone's endorsement unless pushing your music makes them look and sound good. Being active on social media is critical, however one nod from an established music professional or artist can boost your fan base in Facebook by hundreds and even many thousands in a single day!

No one hears anything but what comes out of the speakers. The only exceptions are the artist (you) and the producer (me). Your job is to create out of thin air, my job is to "hear around the next corner" and spot where your going and what's the best production path to get you there.

To get the critical endorsements of various music professionals, you need a no compromise, no apologies production for your music... you need a professional music producer. Just being able to put "Music Producer - Gordon Brislawn" in your credits will attract more serious attention than the "self produced" moniker that the vast majority of other recording artists are stuck with.

Rise above the sea of new releases and attract opinion makers and new fans to your music by building a structure that communicates.

I will help you develop a consistent strophic song structure that really leads your fans to the Chorus.

Here are some of the questions I will help you answer on your path to musical success:
- is the second verse sung to the tune of the first verse?
- is the chorus easy to identify and sing?
- are the instruments and voices well recorded?
- are the performances spot on musical?
- how likely are potential fans to hit the skip button?

It's a lot easier to be taken seriously if you have an established professional to walk you down the aisle. Let me help you build a structure that communicates.